Welcome to Molbani Tea Company: home of the original Tea Gems!

What the heck is a Tea Gem?

Tea Gems are a quick and easy way to get your tea fix, influenced by the Japanese mentality of no waste (無駄 –  むだ) and the confectionary Higashi (干菓子 – ひがし). The Tea Gem is a concentrated, all-natural dose of tea in a convenient package that can be taken with you to your next adventure.

How do I use a Tea Gem?

Tea Gems are convenient in that you can take them out of your pocket, plunk one in a cup and pour over cold or hot water. Whether you’re late to a meeting, getting your gym fix, or settling down after a long day, Tea Gems give your tea anywhere, anytime!

Why are Tea Gems better than regular tea?

  1. Looseleaf teas usually require heating water to enjoy, while Tea Gems can be used in cold water due to their unique flavour dispersion properties.

  2. About 30% of the waste from tea bags can be reduced from tea products by foregoing the tea bag, while also reducing fuel costs from the reduced packaging volume and weight.

  3. Poly “silken” tea bags can disperse more than 3 billion pieces of plastic right into your cup of tea: talk about gross!

  4. When you’re done with your tea, tea usually needs to be composted/thrown away, keeping you from getting all that the tea leaves offer – もったいない! (What a waste!) Tea Gem’s tea fines can be consumed along with the cup of tea giving you all the health benefits of every herb, and not just a fraction.

  5. Since our teas have a higher contact area than looseleaf teas, the steeping time can be reduced by up to 50%!

How do Molbani’s Tea Gems keep plastic out of my tea?

The beauty of Tea Gems is that they don’t require a harmful plastic tea bag, they can be plunked right into a hot or cold cup of water without it, while still giving you that great tea taste. 

What flavours do Tea Gems come in?

We have our Peacock Chai, Mint, Root Beer Medley, Chamomile, and many other flavours coming soon!

Where can I get some Tea Gems?

With COVID-19 present, things have slowed down, but we are still pushing to get out there and change tea for the better!  We can’t wait to show what’s in store! When all is set, you can purchase Tea Gems on this website, or check our instagram (@molbaniteaco) to get pop-up shop appearances around the Lower Mainland. 

Want to get in contact with new developments and deals? Check out our instagram page @molbaniteaco, or get in touch via email with austin [at] molbanitea.com

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