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Our store is closed until the 2023 Summer for maintenance and tea sourcing trips.

Take a deep breath, have some tea,
and we’ll be back before you know it!
-Mr. Molbani & Co.

Tea Gems can do a lot of good..
•    Save up to 90% of your tea’s steeping time.
•    Reduce CO2 emissions by reducing packaging and shipping volume.
•    No tea bags means less waste for the world and no plastics in your tea.
•    Collect all your tea’s health benefits instead of throwing it away.

What we do

Our Story

Molbani Tea Co. was founded to bring delicious tea blends that can be taken on the go, all without tea bags. After testing and researching Gem Theory, we created our original Tea Gems to bring to the world–specifically Canada for now!

Who we are

What is a Tea Gem?

Tea gems are convenient and concentrated doses made for your tea-fix. Throw one into your mug, bottle or cup, steep and enjoy! Whether you’re late to a meeting, getting your workout in, or settling down after a long day, Tea Gems give you tea anywhere, anytime!

Where we are

Where can I get Tea Gems?

Our online store is open! Right now we are doing pre-orders and building the shop to full output capacity! Check our social media to get pop-up shop locations, farmer’s market appearances and updates around the Lower Mainland.

Our Grand Opening Selection:

How do Tea Gems Work?

2 to 3+ Bold flavour
Ready to pour
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